Mercedes-Benz Project One Hypercar

March 2nd, 2017 by
Mercedes-Benz Project One

At its core, the Project One Hypercar combines the performance of an F1 racing vehicle with the luxury street savvy of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Outpacing even the McLaren, the Project One combines ultra superior performance with barely legal specs that will appeal specifically to the elite driver.


Perhaps the most intriguing and surprising aspect of the Project One was that it was planned out as a hybrid from the beginning of the process. The Project One was originally titled the R50. The original concept was to utilize the Mercedes/AMG® design around the power of a Formula 1 racing engine. As such, engineers began to design the vehicle with a turbocharged V6 engine complete with a Kinetic Energy Recovery System and fully electric motors.

The Project 1 is a two seater and includes a drivetrain worthy of a Formula One champion racer alongside a wheel selective, fully electric front axle drive. This combination of features was specifically chosen to create the most efficient 1,000 hp performance possible.

From what we know of the look that the Project One will go for, it seems that Mercedes-Benz is taking cues from the CLK GTR.

AMG Performance Lineup


1,000 hp has been achieved within the realm of the supercar, but not with the level of performance that the Project One is projecting. The car will be extremely light, with heavy implementation of aluminum and carbon fiber alongside other exotic building materials. The V6 also helps take away from the car’s weight while keeping the center of gravity extremely low to the ground, a move that will add substantially to the torque that the Project One can produce.

The light engine will have the following specs:

  • 1.6 L
  • V6 hybrid powertrain
  • Proprietary turbocharging methodology
Mercedes-Benz F1


Reports speculate that Mercedes-Benz is developing the Project One to include biometric control systems for drivers, a concept that debuted in the Maybach 6 concept. The biometric system allows the vehicle to read real time inputs from the driver and set all of the vehicle systems to customize the driving experience.

Project One will probably be all wheel drive with top notch torque vectoring. However, the front wheels may not have power continuously projected into them. Unlike Formula 1 cars, rear wheel drive will be the norm, with power to the front wheels activated only when the vehicle needs to putt out of a sharp turn. This substantially reduces the amount of power that the vehicle will need to produce the outrageous performance stats that it is trying to achieve.

Although the Project One concept seems like a challenge even for the great minds at Mercedes, leadership at the company seems very confident. In a public statement, Mercedes AMG® head Tobias Moers boasted that the Project One “will set a new benchmark.”

The Project One is set to debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Only 300 units are expected to be produced at a maximum.

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