Return of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class?

January 20th, 2017 by
Sideview Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Since 1926, when Mercedes-Benz first made its debut as a premier automobile manufacturer, the brand has developed some top level skills in the area of drumming up excitement over their upcoming releases. Well, it’s fair to say that they’ve earned it by reliably turning out famously fast and luxurious performance vehicles. But, even when you think you’re on to their game- Mercedes-Benz manages to capture the imagination again and again.

Rumor has it that Mercedes-Benz may have a new variation of their A-Class lineup in the works with an expected delivery sometime over the next two years. Reports of the new models have the appearance of a new sedan in showrooms down to around the end of 2018. This allows the legendary automaker plenty of time to develop their new concept parallel to its next gen. A-Class hatchback that is expected to emerge within around the same time frame.

Red A-Class

Commentators have speculated that the new A-Class sedan model will feature a dazzling array of new equipment and powertrain options. We can expect the options to include a host of available engines such as diesel, gas, and hybrid power- the latter of which should come in plug-in variants. The new A-Class sedan is expected to compete in an auto class where fuel economy is held at a premium. That means Mercedes-Benz will be under pressure to develop new and creative ways to make their new sedan competitive in this regard. The new sedan will carry forward the tradition of the brand’s well received B-Class lineup with its CLA and GLA trim packages with both front wheel drive and all wheel drive options available.

This is going to pose some serious competition for the Audi A3 as the two competing German automakers- it can be reasonably assumed- will play all of their best cards in terms of technology, efficiency, and styling. So there will be many areas of comparability between the two in the near future. Both Audi and Mercedes-Benz have always delivered admirably in terms of innovative new driver aids, with each manufacturer serving as leaders in this regard- not to forget the American all-electric auto manufacturer that both Mercedes-Benz and Audi would rather not think about.

Interior of the A-Class

But by the time that the release date for the anticipated new Mercedes-Benz A-Class comes around, you can expect to see a great deal of improvements in vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V). This is an area of development in which both Audi and Mercedes-Benz can boast a great deal of sophistication.

There still isn’t much in the way of certainty when it comes to their delivery schedule- but that just part of how they keep us chomping at the bit. We can expect to spend a good two years wallowing in the delicious agony that is waiting for Mercedes’ next big thing. And with the abundance of new technologies that are expected to force other manufacturers to keep up the pace, there’s plenty to wait for.

Silver Mercedes-Benz A-Class
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