The Mercedes-Benz GLK is Rebranded as The new GLC

May 18th, 2016 by
Mercedes-Benz GLC Mercedes-Benz has announced the rebranding of its compact SUV as the GLC. Discover how this new addition to the Mercedes-Benz family compares to its predecessor.


The first thing fans of the GLK will notice is the GLC is significantly larger: At 5 inches longer, nearly 2 inches wider, and an extra 4.6 inches of wheelbase, it moves from a compact to a small midsize SUV. Rear passengers get an extra 2.2 inches of leg room and there’s around 17 percent more storage space in the trunk. Despite the extra dimensions, the GLC has shed 176 pounds thanks to its new composite aluminum and high-strength steel chassis. This dramatic weight loss has improved its performance and fuel economy; 22 mpg city / 28 mpg hwy. Mercedes-Benz GLC


Mercedes-Benz has traded in the 3.5-liter V6 engine used to power the GLK for a 2-liter inline four-cylinder motor. Its 275 pound-feet of torque is identical to the earlier model, but the new vehicle generates 241 horsepower, compared to the 302 horsepower created by its predecessor. The GLC makes the most of the power available through a nine-speed transmission, an upgrade from the seven-speed transmission. Mercedes-Benz GLC


The GLC’s interior embodies the luxury Mercedes-Benz is famous for. High-quality door inserts, dashboard accents, backlit details, and metal screens over the speakers add flair to the interior. The sculpted seats, which can be adjusted in a variety of ways, promise comfort, whether you’re on the daily commute or road tripping. Paired with the telescopic steering column, it’s easy to find the ideal driving position. The Audio 20 infotainment system comes on a generous seven-inch screen as standard. The standard radio and CD player are paired with DVD, MP3, and Bluetooth® capabilities. While this system takes up a lot of real estate, its large dimensions make it easy to read and use.


The GLC looks like a brand new car rather than the GLK’s younger sibling. The rounded corners of the GLC bear little family resemblance to the sharp angles of the GLK. It’s a much softer, more refined vehicle than its predecessor, and one that follows the examples of other vehicles in its class. Anyone who didn’t appreciate the unique looks of the GLK may warm to the GLC’s slightly more conventional aesthetics. Fans of the GLK may miss its angular lines and compact design, but there’s plenty to love about the new GLCand it’s available at Mercedes-Benz of Daytona Beach now.
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